Sunday, June 18, 2017

Grocery top up

 With the grocery list continuing to grow, once "coffee" hit the list, I knew that I had to do some shopping. I hit Aldi's (I am still adjusting to the expanded store and new layout), coming across marked down breakfast sausage @ 99/12 oz roll. One is cooking for breakfast, the others are frozen.
I also stopped in at Dollar Tree fr a few items, finding these LED nightlights. I have switched over to 100% LEDs in the home, so getting nightlight bulbs off of my list is a good thing. Lasagna noodles, tissues (bonus pack make these Scotties cheaper than Aldi's), pretzel rods, 2 pkgs muffin/cupcake liners, 4 large cans baked beans, dry roasted peanuts, sourkraut from Poland, , flour tortillas, and furniture pads rounded out the trip.


Meg B. said...

Ah, sauerkraut--not something usually on my radar, but recently my 16-year old has been on a Reuben sandwich kick. Funny, but lately, I have been finding cans of sauerkraut for .69 in the clearance aisle of my favorite supermarket. Your Polish variety has my mouth watering, though.
Sadly, our nearest Dollar Tree is 25 miles away.

CT Bargain Mom said...

The Aldi nearest hubby's office is expanding too! Should be done in August....what is it like? More offerings or just more spread out? Going to hit the newest one in Waterford This week - they just opened last week and I have some errands in that area this week

Lee Ann said...

My husband loves Reuben's. I can't stand any of the ingredients. Lol

Thrifty Mom In Boise said...

Great finds! I'll have to check our Dollar Tree for some of these items. We don't have Aldi here.