Monday, June 19, 2017

Getting my supplies in

 2 additional upgrades/repairs to my new to me home are: to replace this window in the now 1/2 bath/laundry with an Anderson casement window to match the windows in the rest of the home
 as well as to replace these ill fitting, won't lock shut sliders (hate sliders!).
 I had the GC order their replacements and reimbursed him for them, once he presented me with a copy of the invoices from Home Depot. The $350 (approx) window came in first,
and I have anxiously been awaiting delivery of the new Anderson patio door (fixed window panel on one side, single door on the other), not wishing to chance being out the monies paid for this door, to the tune of almost $3000. I pulled installation of these "extras" off of the GC' list. Other expenditures are priorities at the moment and were unexpected, such as the custom shower door.

So my supplies are in, I am watching expenditures and will tackle additional projects/upgrades as they come up, monies allow.

The plan is to get the GC to wrap things up, get the 3rd delivery of the hall countertop in, installed and then I can get a final inspection for my certificate of occupancy. I also am planning on looking for/getting PT work come July. Monies earned in July and August will be extra and used to pay down debt, get work done.

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Sue said...

Not trying to be a troublemaker, but since the reason for the custom shower door is because the GC screwed up the vanity measurements, why shouldn't the GC pay for added expense? It's his fault, not yours, and he should be footing that particular upcharge.

PS Hope you've got a charley bar in the track of those old sliders so they can't be opened from the outside...