Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A quick DIY project: window screen repair

The local glass and window shop is making up 2 large screens for DS's bedroom *(house came without any screens for that room-odd), a cost that I have to absorb, especially as I prefer to not use the A/C whenever possible, such as today, where I have almost every window wide open (laundry room window has no screen as well, remains shut-ditto on the sliders in the dining room), and the 5 ceiling fans are on.

DD's room has all of it's window screens, with 2 that are damaged. Luckily, I had this on hand:

I originally bought this repair kit to address a window screen in a rental a few years ago, but ended up not fixing it.

 Even with my hand issues, I was able to quickly patch the 2 screens in question for DD: screen 1
screen 2

I already told DD that I am thinking of switching out her patched screens for the bathroom screens as I will have a cafe curtain covering that window, so we won't notice the repair. : )

A quick, and currently free fix for me.

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Linda said...

A worker around here tore a hole in a screen as I watched. He never offered to fix the screen! I need to pick up a repair kit. If your hand can do it, maybe mine can.