Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What's been cooking?

 Monday was focused around leftovers: I warmed up some l/o ham that DX gifted to DD with some water and fresh pineapple cubes for DD's protein portion, and reheated Sunday supper's pot roast, now sliced, in some l/o gravy. Both dishes were covered in reused foil and baked off in the mini toaster oven together. Sides were an assortement of l/o vegetables, a can of sliced beets for 2 of us (DD can't have), and a fresh batch of doctored up instant spuds, of which I have one meal's worth remaining in the canister. Today (wed) DD has taken her l/o ham and pineapple in the above dish, into which I portioned out the remaining mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans for her work lunch.
 Tues: I used a pkg of marked down, ground chicken breast and made 5 nice sized patties. I don't have any carrots, so I used some dried parsley for color, along with the usual ingredients: homemade bread crumbs, instant onion, black pepper, Lea and Perrins white worcestershire sauce, a Mrs Dash herb and onion blend. They came out good.
DS #2 and I had my last can of baked beans, and served our patties on toast, with choice of condiments, and DS had a slice of Havarti with dill on his.

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