Sunday, May 7, 2017

Survey is in!

 Pictured is the metal pole that the abutting neighbor put into the ground, prior to my purchase. To the right, one can see the correct position of the metal corner marker, identified by this wood stake as well as the unearthed, circa 1958 metal post at ground level. Neighbor subsequently removed his stake. @@
 The is the left center stake on my lot. Really hard to see the left rear stake at it is literally behind a clump of trees and years (apparently) worth of lawn debris, sticks etc that supposedly the former owner agreed to allow the abutting neighbor to dump there. He didn't mention his habit of tossing numerous, plastic pots from (assumed) dead plants at the end of the growing season. This is being addressed.
 The right front stake, shows me that I DO own the 2 trees pictured. Arborist is asked to come back out and look before starting any work.
 Right center stake shows that one of the side neighbors had been dumping their leaves (apparently) there. Again, a fence will be remedying this next year.
Right rear stake is hard to see but it's there with an orange ribboned marker.

Once again, neighbors appear to have been dumping their leaves there. There is one home to my left, one to the right and then there are side streets just after both the left hand and right hand abutting homes, so lots of neighbors using the land. Whether or not the former owner OKed this practice, I am stopping it. : )   There is a lot of clean up I want to do/have happen over the next year, including some fencing along the back property line and forming a L up both the left and right rear corners, not completely going down the sides of the property. The point of it is to clearly mark out what's mine, clean up the areas in question. At the right center, there is a berm septic system with a slope that goes down behind it. That is where MY leaves will be composting. I won't be able to see that from my home or deck.

I have also spoken with my landscaper who specializes in masonry or hardscapes, and got an idea of how much it will cost (I plan on saving up) to have a walkway from the driveway built around the side of the garage to the back, where there are remenants of a patio, then the deck.

Thinking of something along these lines, with a small kitchen garden to the left as one enters the side yard, an herb garden to the right, using bricks for the pavers for both the walkway and the future patio. I May* be able to get in a small garden this year, time will tell. Too much to do at the moment.


cheryl soergel said...

Very nice of the neighbors to use your yard as a dumping ground. What person would o.k. that. He must have been very old and didn't care how his yard looked. You are moving right along. We had the same pink tiles in our bathroom but grey tile accents. Glad they are gone. Cheryl

Toni in TN said...

What a lot of dumping there has been on your property over the years! I love the idea of the small garden and re-using the pavers. It will all be so nice when it comes together.

Meg B. said...

Yikes! Have you met any of the neighbors yet, to put out the word that the practice stops? Sometimes people amaze me with their behavior.

meme said...

I can't believe neighbors were dumping their leaves! They are all going to be watching when the fencing is installed! LOL