Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Remodeling: Monday was a major wood floor day

 Wood floor guy showed up bright and early on Monday, putting in a full day. He sanded the dining room

 Finished the bit of new flooring to go down in the kitchen (this looks into the pantry closet) and sanded that as well

 My bedroom,

 the living room-here you can see the old finish against the new. These are red oak floors, so that is what I went with for the newly installed wood floor of the kitchen.
one of 2 guest bedrooms (the second or last one is being used for tile storage but that will soon be gone). Floors look really nice. He returns on Monday and is saying that all floors will be/should be completed (1 coat natural stain plus three coats polyurethane) by Wed.

With the kitchen flooring down, the lower cabinets can come back in. They are beat, I don't like the formica counter at all, but it will have to do for now. Mending what we can in the process such as taking out the warped and damaged from water (there must have been a serious leak) under the sink cabinet and replacing it with plywood, which will be painted out, and installing another sheet of plywood over the open space of the "dead man's space" cabinet in the corner. That wood doesn't have to look pretty, just don't want anything falling under the dishwasher. Here's a view into the kitchen from the laundry/half bath doorway. The door to the garage is to the right, and out of view is the door to the back yard, which is directly opposite the garage door.
 Here's a view of the kitchen door. The opening between the cabinets is where my LP gas range is going, with a microwave/vented fan above. Energy company is there today, addressing hook up.
 Another view, into the laundry/half bath.
The kitchen sink area, with the space for the fridge located to the right. I am ending up with all new applicances, delivery of the remaining ones will take place on Friday.


Sue said...

Only 1 coat poly on the floors? I thought 2 coats was the minimum. Hate to cast doubt on the project, but after 2 houses with wood floors (and living through 2 whole-house refinishing jobs) I wouldn't settle for less than 2 coats.

meme said...

More great progress! The floors are going to be beautiful when done.

CTMOM said...

Sue, I corrected the post: you are correct, while SOME try to get buy with just 2 coats of poly, three is best, and that is what I will be getting done. : )

mikemax said...

We are busy fixing up our house to sell. Yesterday we had the hardwood floor in the entry hall refinished. The floor turned out to be engineered wood, which doesn't have as much depth to sand. Our guy lightly stained it a darker color to hide the deeper gouges that didn't sand out. Our house is looking so good that I'm almost tempted to stay! (Just joking. We are downsizing in a big way).

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We have all hardwood floors in our house and quickly learned that sanding them yourself is a job that requires some skill. After one attempt with the big sander, we gave it up. If you want to do them yourselves--as we eventually did--a small sander (or two) is a better deal than putting gouges in the floor. However, don't let your husband wear his slippers to do it--it's awfully hard to find new slippers for men when it's not Christmas time! He wore out the toes of the slippers being on his hands and knees with the small belt sander, but the floors were the better for it. Although you appear to know already what is and is not worth hiring someone for! We actually didn't have a lot of money when we bought the house so were held back at times because we couldn't afford to do a project when we wanted to. I think all homeowners face that problem at one time or another. We are pretty much set now, although some rooms will need some paint before long.

Carol Farley said...

The kitchen cabinets are nicer looking from the photos than you had made them seem. Also, the cabinet tops don't look like Formica, are they really that material or Corian, etc? Good luck and best wishes in your new home!