Thursday, May 11, 2017

Paint and more tile work

 Yesterday and today, paint went up in the main living areas: LR, DR, entry were painted an initial coat of "rodeo tan." Decision made to also paint the inside of the cut out between the kitchen dining area and living room, this same color.
 Running out of paint, I picked up 2 more gallons, here is the completed living room (except for cut out)
 The hallway all the way down and around was also done for uniformity.
 Dining room. Looks dark due to the sun setting.
 Here's what I encountered this afternoon, when I went over to lock up. Not sure about this "bold" green. It was much softer on the paint card. It is wet and the dot of paint on the lid IS softer. Will have to see what it looks like in the morning. The adjacent laundry/half bath is supposed to be a bright, fun Kelly green. I checked, they did use the correct paint color.
 A shot near the stove.
 Hall bath tile was grouted yesterday
 as was the Master shower floor pan.
This afternoon, I came home to the start of the tile job for the bench and walls. Don't like that he used the floor tile on the bench, I was expecting subway. DX sugggests a solid piece of Corian. I will have to speak to the contractor.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

I like the green--although I have been known to pick colors and have my husband tone them down by about three or four shades of brightness. My rooms are either bright or bland--small rooms downstairs have a cream color paint on the walls to make them seem larger. Dining room is bright aqua, and my sewing/computer room is a lively orchid. Upstairs hall is a fairly soft yellow, bedrooms are light blue, light green with dark green woodwork--only room to have woodwork painted when we moved in. Master bedroom is mustard color with dark green linens in a flower print, and front bedroom is a soft peach/orange. Kitchen is white with pink highlights and very understated pink formica countertops. I am not one to change the arrangement or colors often, so this has been the way it is since we finished our initital remodel. Bathroom is wallpapered, the only room that is. Very uneven wall surfaces forced us into that choice. Didn't want to replaster the entire room at the time. Might have it re-papered professionally soon--husband isn't great at wallpaper and doesn't enjoy it.

The Line has been Drawn said...

Funny, I was just writing about painting. We aren't near as exciting as you though. We are repainting with a very similar off-white to what we currently have on our walls.

Linda said...

I always hate colors on my walls as I want a white for the light it reflects. However, I do like colors on others' walls. I would not want the floor tiles for the seat. It seems nasty. I like the solid corian.

Kathy said...

So pretty! I like the paint.

Belinda said...

It's looking so good! I just love the seat in the shower. very nice. :)

Sue said...

Color is such a personal thing. I can appreciate a brighter pop of color in a smaller, closed-off room, like the laundry. It's cheerful, fun, and unexpected.

But honestly, I don't care for the juxtaposition of that green against the tan. It brings the flow of the rooms to a complete halt. I would have tinted the Rodeo Beige up a few shades and let my kitchen accessories do the brightening.

But--what do I know? I have endured a living room the shade of a midrange foundation (pinky-orangey-beige) for the last 10 years! I picked the color (the chip looked NOTHING like the final result, wet or dry) and left the painter to do his thing. By the time I got back and realized what a horror show it was, the painting job was done! Nothing to do but live with it, as I had no money for a repaint and I myself have the painting skills of a two-year-old. So much for all my "expertise"!

I agree with your DX. A scrap piece of Corian won't cost much and will be much nicer for the shower bench than the tile--although I think your tile choices are lovely and classic!


meme said...

I remember when we painted our bathroom green - we picked out the nicest shade of green - looked soft. When it got on the walls - it looked like it was glowing in the dark!!