Monday, May 22, 2017

More updates from over the weekend

 DD's fan with light kit
 DS's fan with light kit
 Master bedroom fan with light kit
 Living room fan with light kit

The kitchen also has one, I forgot to take a picture
 Dining room chandelier is up
There is now an electrical shut off under the kitchen sink for the dishwasher. Uncoded, subpar, illegal work previously done didn't include one. @@

Electrician is labeling the electrical panel for me.

 No more cellar windows with holes. All reputtied, with thick layers of putty on the original, 1960, cast iron frames.
 Second window repaired
 and final one of the three that were damaged. 3 additional windows are OK, so no repair needed.
 Turns out, the window/glass guy was able to install my custom storm panel on Saturday. Here it is on the OUTSIDE of the house, not the inside, as a former installation with the wrong type of glass was located. @@
 Tile work continues in the Master bath. Here is a work station set up on the Master bedroom floor.
 Shower band of glossy black with white tiles are up, filling the niche along the way. I await the delivery of the Carerra marble seat for my bench and threshold to the shower.

Here is the floor-same tile as the accent in the shower. Another issue came up. Original mud floor was higher than anticipated. Contractor didn't realize it until he started to work on the floor. The original pink cove bottom pieces will leave a wide gap above. We're solving this by ordering 4 inch square glossy black as a trim bottom border, to coordinate with the floor. Naturally, this will delay final completion.
Time is definitely curing the Granny Smith green of the kitchen that was originally shockingly brighter than expected. It is now the mellow green I was looking for.

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