Sunday, May 7, 2017

Getting to crunch time

The contractor, unexpectedly, bailed 2 days last week. Grrr . . . on other days, his 2 assistants were pulled on other side jobs. The previous week, he took a 1/2 day to do a different job.  I remain displeased. Work did progress, however.

 Kitchen red oak floor was installed on Monday

A bit remaining was finished on Tues, including the new pantry closet in the kitchen. Floor guy plans on returning tomorrow to sand the kitchen and start on the bedrooms (living room remains with building supplies but that can be moved) The following week of May 15th was set aside from the start for him to stain and refinish.

 The tiles behind the sink of the Master bath were switched out, removing the ones that had holes from the wall hung sinks. The rest will clean up nicely, and be regrouted. Vanities are on hand already.
The hall shower is 95% tiled, discovered that the original plan of using a white bullnose tile around the niche didn't look too great. I tried getting a chocolate brown pencil tile, it's not made, so got a taupe, which is on order and will be in this Friday. The floor needs to be tiled, the vanity installed so that I can get the plumber back. Laundry/half bath floor needs to be installed, the Master shower needs to be tiled and then he can do the master floor, in preparation for that vanity and the toilets as well. I also need the lower kitchen cabinets in as the propane company is installing my range this Wed. Painting also needs to take place in kitchen, laundry, 2 bathrooms, living, dining, entry, Master bedroom.


meme said...

That is some nice progress !!!

Meg B. said...

Pretty floor! And, again, I LOVE your vintage pink tiles.

mikemax said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of remodeling and contractors!

Busy Bee said...

I'm glad some progress is being made.