Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A quick top up and some nice crash n burn

 After getting the contractors set up at the remodeling home, I stopped at the local S & S for some top ups. I grabbed a jug of milk, 2 sale priced vanilla yogurts.
 Lettuce remains scarce and the prices scarey. As always, I comparison shop and left with a large tub of organic salad greens (my preference), some Canadian hot house tomatoes (Most were from Mexico, and I won't buy produce from there), 2 pints at BOGO blueberries.
I got some great marked downs, including 2 Perdue oven stuffer roasters @ 9/lb (also got a coupon deal on a S & S fzn turkey breast @ 98/lb-my go to price). Not really looking to stock up on meat, but these were bargains NOT to pass up. My last whole chicken is already planned for within the next few weeks. Prices paid for the above: spaghetti 49, lg can Goya beans, chick peas, black beans: 34 each, whole potatoes 69 (got about 2 meals left of potatoes, one of instant mashed), corn 34, toamto paste 27 and 57 cents, simply cocoa (is no junk that would bother DD) 8 ct box 99, 2  9 oz pouches mini sour gummi worms @ 74, 2 pouches Hershey's dark chocolate covered carmels $1.07, 3 large boxes Ferrero Rocher @ $1.17-no, not a typo!. I also got a lof of Rye $1.24. Not a mark down, but rather a store coupon deal: 24  count pkg of 16.9 oz water bottles (I offer these to the contractors, icing it daily in a cooler) $1.88.

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