Sunday, April 23, 2017

What's been cooking?

 Not in any particular order, this is what has been on the menu this week: Crabmeat-spinach quiche (pulled some leaves out of the salad mix to get some color and filler into the quiche)
 l/o Easter veggie sides accompanied
 A filled to the brim, hearty bolognese sauce of hot Italian sausage and ground beef became the central figure to 2 meals this week
 As usual, 2 types of pasta was served to accomodate DD's restrictions. Green beans were the vegetable.
 Thursday's plate
 Simple salads joined in every night, including the night where I baked 2 marinated, split chicken breasts in some l/o Asian inspired sauce.

Came out really good. Sides that night were the rest of the potatoes, cooked as homefries with onion in bacon fat. Easter l/o veggies were  the vegetable choices.
Easter leftover mashed potatoes became potato-scallion cakes one night, using up leftover chive and scallion that DD had bought for a dish she brought to a dinner with friends. I needed to use them up as they were starting to turn (the chive). Very good.

One night, I think I made hamburgers and on fri, we had take out Chinese. It's been that crazy around here.

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