Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Trying to get back to schedule; what's been cooking

 Bought the house Thurs, and as was planned, demo started on Fri, continuing all weekend before the contractors started to work on Monday. Planned for, take out/prepared foods were consumed, leftovers rolled over into another meal whenever possible. EXPENSIVE KFC at least fed 4 people, twice and then had a lunch for one, and a few remaining sides continued into this week. Fish on Monday was baked Salmon fillets seasoned with black pepper and dill. Everyone had a simple salad with choice of dressing. DS and I each had one of the frozen biscuits from a tube such as Grands that I froze as raw dough, baked off that night. I sauteed the last bag of fzn spinach as a vegetable for everyone. Crash n burn fruit cocktail was "dessert." Leftover buttered noodles, l/o corn, l/o mashed potatoes, l/o gravy, and finally, l/o brown rice were used to fill various plates, keeping DD's restrictions in mind.

 Tuesday became pasta night, and once again, I was found cooking 2 types of pasta to accomodate.
 Frozen, homemade Italian meatballs were cooked in a crockpot using recent crash n burn tomatoes as a base for the sauce.
 The last bag of frozen  haricots verts were steamed, and again a simple salad was served with choice of dressing. Parmesan offered to those interested.

I intentionally cooked the entire box of regular pasta so as to create a cold, bacon Ranch dressed pasta salad with chic peas, l/o haricots verts, some additional herbs. This served as part of DS's lunch today, as well as part of DX's dinner tonight. Demo continues after work tonight, with DD and DX hoping to finish the floor demo work. Besides $, DD included meals as part of DX's compensation. I am avoiding more prepared food costs by offering up a large salad with a good sized scoop of tuna salad on the side for DD, a tuna and lettuce on Rye sandwich as the aforementioned pasta salad to DX. Both also get a large Deli pickle.

DS and I will have burgers on toast with lettuce and tomato, at home, with  canned pork beans on the side. Simple

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