Friday, April 28, 2017

Today's freebie: gardening

 Here are the left side planters in front of the house. I've added free for the digging daffodils and purple Irises.
 Today, I added more gifted plants-this time, the woman must have had them dug out by a gardener, they were all double bagged and ready for planting. We met at a CVS as I had trouble finding her home.
 I thought that I was only getting Sebums, but she gave me some other plants.
 I also transplanted more free for the digging Irises into this bed.
The right front corner. I had to push the mulch aside, make slits into the fabric underneath, discovering tons of earthworms and rotting grass. : )  Easy enough to work with.

With Mother's day coming up, I told the kids: get me plants!


Little Penpen said...

I got a lot of free irises from my aunts house today. these date back to my great grandmother, so I am so happy to have them.

Linda said...

Free flowers are always good! If you know anyone with Hosta, those can be divided and NEED to be divided. It's easy to do and will not hurt the plants or their looks at all. Just shove the shovel into the ground between some of the sprouts of Hosta and dig. The plants recover almost miraculously. Well, maybe you don't care for Hosta.

CTMOM said...

Linda, thanks for the suggestion. Not really a fan of Hosta, which is commonly put in a deeply shaded area here. My lot is pretty open for the most part, and sunny.

mikemax said...

Although it is never the wrong time of year for free plants, this isn't the best time for daffs and irises. They probably won't bloom this year, but leave 'em alone and they're come home next year to reward you with beautiful blooms.

I have been digging up and dividing plants for an impending move. Start adding up what those plants would cost "new" and it's a very worthwhile activity. I hope to get plants for other people because it increases the variety of plants for me.

Put the hostas on the north side of the house, along with any rhododendrons/azaleas you might have. Breathtaking!