Sunday, April 23, 2017

The plumber finally came for the rough in and redoing the waste lines of the house

All waste lines were upgrades and correctly sized.
 Going from the now correctly done laundry/half bath, across the cellar, under the stairs, to the front of the house connection to the septic
 Here's the area under the half bath/laundry that houses the electrical panel, well tank, oil tank
 Hall bath sink is replumbed, we discovered evidence of a leak there as well

New toilet flange

 New water line to the shower
Cast iron tub was delivered on Monday, installed Wed.
 The ceiling of the laundry/half bath was removed in order to run a vent. Amazing that the laundy wasn't vented. @@
 Another ceiling shot, that goes into the attic that covers the garage, this area behind the garage.

New, and properly vented water lines and waste line to the Pedestal sink and the new toilet for the added half bath.

New water lines, properly vented to the up to code, laundry installation.
 Master bath also has a new toilet flange,
new waste drain. Luckily, the Master shower valve can be reused, although the water lines were replaced for both the shower as well as the Master sink.

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