Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The pantry challenge: one month more to go!

 About 1 month ago, this was my upper cabinet of the kitchen pantry, into which I had added/topped up with additional supplies from the basement pantry shelves
 A few additions such as cold cereal, a large can of coffee (we'll need it later this week, current can is almost empty). Almost out of peanut butter now, too.
 Lower kitchen pantry cabinet a month ago
A few more additions but lots is depleated. We are out of canned fruit, most of the canned vegetables will be consumed over the next few weeks. I intentionally topped up with 1 bag each of frozen peas, green beans, and mixed veg-DD can't eat a lot of the cans that I have (no corn, no beets for example).

 I must have had a screaming hot deal on corn-lots on hand, and I suspect some will have to be moved to the new home. Luckily, as work progresses, I will be able to move some supplies over myself just prior to moving day, which is now, officially, May 25th, leaving me time to give this place a once over, fill nail holes and top with paint(using existing paint on hand in garage).  I've washed throw blankets and have stored them for now, I am slowly gathering free moving supplies, as I had done with previous moves. I've got the moving on the cheap down pat.


Linda said...

I am leery of free boxes from moves of others. What bugs might there be?

CTMOM said...

Not such an issue up here in the North.