Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday's remodeling

 All of the paneling was removed from the entry, along with the  heavy duty aka thick glass homemade? storm panel that was fashioned on the inside of the home. The frame was barely holding the glass in, so it's stored safely down cellar. The outside will be painted, a new casing made and the glass will go OUTSIDE the original panel to the left of the door.
 A fairly new entry light had been placed before I bought the home. The dark open "boxes" are over the door and lead directly into the roof overhang, certainly causing ice damming if not a very cold entry. This will be fixed.
 My covered front stoop. I brought some planters over, plan on getting some pansies out there.
 The living room paneling was also removed, unearthing some more, weird electrical wires and cables, now removed. The far wall butts up against the garage. More on that later.

The terribly made ramp from the upper bedroom/bathroom/entry down to the living area has been removed, luckily, not too much damage too place as a result of it being there.
 The now gutted dining room. Am going to replace the broken slider (will not lock shut) with a fixed patio door with the right panel being a door onto the deck. Was hoping to hold off on this, but it is a safety issue and since the house is opened up, makes sense to do it now.
 Just past the kitchen door is the original small cabinet that was probably intended as a cleaning closet.
I will have shelves made and convert this into a pantry. It's located opposite the entry door to the garage.


Meg B. said...

I think those wood floors are so nice. If they can look this good amid the mayhem, just wait until you are move in ready!
And, hey, my roofer showed today!

meme said...

I love all the pictures !

Sue said...

While all those interior walls are open, I strongly recommend putting in insulation before they are sealed up again. It is not always done, but should be.

Insulation in the interior walls slows the heat loss between rooms (as well as to the outside). Also, insulation will help cut down on noise transmission and keep the house quieter!

Belinda said...

Looks like things are moving along nicely.