Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sunday supper

 Crock pot "baked" ground pork and grnd beef meatloaf. Finally used up the last of the ketchup with HFCS, we're a strictly no HFCS ketchup family now, due to DD's restrictions (we had been using 2 types of ketchup until the "bad stuff" was gone)
The last of an open bag of fzn peas mixed with the last box of creamed onions, freshly mashed potatoes, corn.

We also celebrated DS #1's birthday. Although he had a choice to go out, to get take out or for me to make the meal of his choice, he wanted a homecooked meal, with meatloaf doing the trick. I did make a cake, but turned to a chocolate cake mix on hand. I did make my own buttercream frosting and used on hand, non pareil sprinkles. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, requested, was also served alongside.

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