Sunday, April 16, 2017

Remodeling, getting to the point of putting it back together again

 The electrician has been busy, texted me Friday evening that he'd be coming back to work all day Saturday. He has a lot of jobs coming up, wants to wrap this up, pull a permit, get the inspection by the end of next week. He continues to rip out, after tracing where the wire was spliced/tapped into, very questionable electrical work (home handyman nightmare work),
 as well as to bring uppermitted and woefully wrong work brought up to current code. More walls have been opened up, as the plumber was called Friday and he agreed to come over for a look and was able to communicate directly with the general contactor and electrician on where his work will start, how it will impact the other's doing their own work was straightened out.
 The existing light switch next to the door turned into a window was moved to the right of the entry door from the kitchen, and the junction box was switched out (must use metal boxes with metal wire)for a per code, GFI near the to be added pedestal sink.
 The laundry/half bath now has a new subfloor, in preparation for tile.
 New half bath exhaust fan. All exhaust now vents outside, not into the attic.
 He also continues to upgrade outlets and switches throughout the home.

Under cabinet lights are now ready to be installed.

 Contractor has been busy replacing/shoring up rotted floor joists in the master bath, replacing underlayment in preparation for tilework. Here is the master shower.
 Under the master sink (which needs to be demo'd but not a biggie)
 The master toilet and entry. Both bathrooms are keeping their 36 inch doorways.

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meme said...

wow - so much work being done! It is going to be a beautiful, safe home.