Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Remodel update and inspections

Monday, I was greeted with a surprise: electrician returned, unannounced, to install the undercabinet fixtures as he "had a few hours to kill." I've been blessed with contractors showing up, and often coming early. : )

 Inspector was over yesterday (Tues) to sign off on electrical and plumbing. Slight issue is new code requirement to insulate all hot water lines. Luckily, the former owner tackled the entire basement, so just the new rough ins, and only those inside walls, not those in cabinets, need to be done. I got some slip on insulating tubes at Home Depot, requiring 3 packages @ $2.97 each. Inspector returns this afternoon to sign off on insulation. We had to push sheetrock off a day (was supposed to do it today, now it's Th). We're talking paint already and I picked up some ceiling white to go over any areas that were ripped out, and to touch up any repaired areas. I also got a gallon mixed up to match the generic "paint it to sell it" off white/creamy beige to touch up the hall way, 2 guest bedrooms where electrical outlets were ripped out for window A/C units (the house has central), to do any touch ups, to paint over where the original linen closet door was. I was able to use a 10% off Lowe's coupon at Home Depot, sent to me as we've already submitted our change of address to the post office. I have 2 more 10% off coupons and will use them for paint, and additional supplies like medicine chests, towel bars, toilet paper holders etc. More than covers the tax, so I am ahead of the game.
 New, red oak flooring to match the rest of the home was delivered yesterday and is acclimating to inside temperatures and humidity. Floor guy may be out to install it as early as Friday of this week, definitely by the end of next week. Then we can get the kitchen cabinets back in (lower ones only were removed), the counter, the kitchen sink.
 Grey board is installed in the Master shower . The floor of this shower is now already covered with cement, in preparation for the tile installation
and the hall bath.


meme said...

It is really coming along nicely!

Anne in the kitchen said...

It is fun to watch your progress!