Sunday, April 16, 2017

Planning ahead: May menus (a partial month)


In an effort to significantly reduce what I have to pack up to move to the new house, we continue to eat what is on hand, supplementing as needed. This is keeping my costs down, which helps while I feel I am bleeding money everywhere.

I have planned for meals up to the 23rd of May, my projected moving date. Tomorrow, I will reach out to the movers I have used the past 2 moves and set this up, details to be changed as needed. It's cheaper to move mid week, and the following weekend is Memorial Day. I wish to be moved and then have some time to give the condo a once over before turning it back over to the landlords.

1-baked (fzn) Salmon fillets, rice, planned over veg of gr/wax beans and corn
2-ground chicken burgers, coleslaw
3-pasta with fzn meatballs, fzn garlic rolls, salad
5-turkey tacos, corn (buy tortillas, use fzn pintos)
7-CP pot roast (fzn), instant mashed, carrots
8-planned overs: stroganoff, beets
9-ground turkey burgers, fzn calico beans, salad
10-pasta with sausage crumbles, garlic rolls, salad
12-homemade pizza
14-CP meatloaf using fzn ground meats, instant mashed, green beans
15-pan fried whiting fillets (fzn), buttered noodles, beets
16-pasta with chicken sausage, pesto; fzn garlic rolls, salad
17-salmon cakes (use canned), stewed tomatoes and green beans, salad
19-homemade mac and cheese with ham, salad
21-baked chicken, rice, corn
22-egg salad sandwich
23-moving day

I am out of fzn vegetables, save a box of creamed onions and 1/2 of a bag of peas which are already spoken for in April. Canned is quickly dwindling, I have resisted the 39 cent sales-cans are heavy and I don't want to pack and carry them. Our produce items will be limited in May, I anticipate buying a bit to brighten up the menus, serve salad/slaw almost nightly to ensure proper nutrition/vitamins/roughage.

Once the walls are sheetrocked, the floors sanded, the appliances installed, cabinets cleaned with some being built out for shelves and/or painted, I can then start to bring stuff over to the house.

I've moved a lot, I know how to do this efficiently, cheaply.


Linda said...

If movers are charging by the pound, those cheaply bought cans of food would end up costing you a fortune! We had a neighbor who would borrow a tbsp. of vinegar quite often. When we moved, we had a little ceremony where we presented her with the glass jar of vinegar so we would not have to chance moving glass.

Busy Bee said...

I enjoyed seeing all the photos of the work. Looks like things are coming along nicely.