Thursday, April 13, 2017

Moving the menus around

DX asked to move dinner with Dad to Friday night, so tonight will be just DS #2 and myself as DD is working late, her BF is here for the weekend; they'll eat out somewhere once she is out of work.

I grabbed the above to make a pizza, using a recently bought 16 oz can of tomato sauce to make this pizza sauce

A whole wheat crust pizza topped with a mixture of grated Cheddar, Montery Jack, Mozzarella cheeses (cheese drawer clean out) as well as Parmesan. Additional toppings are: onion, black olive, mushrooms, sliced sun dried tomato sausage.

I took out additional pizza ingredients for tomorrow, in case DD and the BF wish to make a GF pizza together.

Here's the baked pizza:

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