Sunday, April 23, 2017

Making sense of what I already have

 By financial necessity, my outside projects are very limited this year, but clean up is fairly cheap. There are multiple bricks (classic red, beige in a few types) as well as concrete hectagon pavers all around the perimeter of the home. At least the front is neat, with beige brick planter boxes topped with dark grey slate. This is the side of the garage, various slabs of slate, and a hodgepodge pattern of pavers/bricks.
 Here is the rear of the home, with bricks stacked side by side against the concrete basement, some pavers further out
 The deck off of the rear dining room even has extra beige bricks about
 I had the contractor remove the ramp from the dining room slider to the deck (see discolored area) as I don't need it, and it will be removed once the replacement door is in. The entire deck will get power washed this year and stained.
 Here is a ramp off of the deck, again, I have no use for it, the wood will be removed and saved for reusing to build proper steps. At the base of the ramp are pavers-perhaps from a former patio and walkway?
 To the right of the kitchen door are more bricks and several bags of gardening soil. I used some to top up my pots.
 Next to the hatchway, more evidence of a patio/walkway and msc bricks
 On the rear corner of the garage, turning to enter the back yard, more are found
 To the right of the deck ramp, evidence of a planter built into the pavers of what I assume was originally a patio, with more added at the top, intermixed with 2 colors of brick,
 More loose brick and a patio
 Just to the left of the kitchen cement stoop, more bricks
 Here, one can see evidence of the second door, now a window to be replaced with an upgraded window, which would have led to a built into the rear of the garage "shed" or storage room.
 On one side of the deck, there is this assumed ramp to be disposed of. General raking desired as well.
 Evidence of a possible walkway or planting rock garden along the side of the garage
A closer view.

I am planning on having DSs remove all of these stones and stack them on pallets along the side of the property somewhere. Then, I can see just how much I have of what, and decide how best to use them, or if I wish to dispose of them/give them away/sell them. Minimally, they could be used for paths in a future kitchen garden. I love the idea of a brick walkway from the side of the garage into the back yard, leading to the deck, an arbor along the side of the yard with a fence put up as well, sectioning off my lot from the noisy neighbor. I remain anxious to get my property survey done, and put the issue to rest, knowing just what is mine or not.


Linda said...

If son sorts everything by size and color, it will be easier to plan. I have a path that people like, that uses what I have, and when I run out, I use the next thing. You have possibilities. Even before you can make more permanent plans for outdoors, those pavers can be used for keeping your feet out of wet grass or mud. The survey is so important to planning.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Lots of possibilities there, and lots of supplies. I'm sure the boys will love taking out the various stones during the summer!

Toni in TN said...

Well....right now you have a mess, er possibilities! lol I know with your skill and imagination it will be wonderful. Can't wait to see how this developes.

Little Penpen said...

That's a lot of brick and stones!! I would def plan a walkway with an herb garden. Lots of hard work ahead, but I can just see it now! Enjoy!

Busy Bee said...

I love the idea of pathways in the garden.