Wednesday, April 12, 2017


 The last of the KFC chicken and KFC potatoe wedges on Monday.
 Used up the oldest salad greens, added chunked tuna, olives, carrot, tomato and Ranch dressing for Tuesday's quick salad
The rest of the KFC mashed potatoes along with a bit of l/o, fzn mashed were blended, the rest of the KFC gravy went on top of that and the last piece from a recent meatloaf.

All of the above were not necessarily my top pick, but I see room in the freezers and fridge as a result of my efforts in keeping food waste down, using ingredients/food stuffs up.


meme said...

I have not had KFC in years! It looks as good as I remember it!

CTMOM said...

I can;t remember the last time I had it. Salty, greasy but good in an evil way. Can't imagine paying those prices on a regular basis! $48 for a bucket of chicken, biscuits, sides. Yes, I got 2 dinners and a lunch and some dinner sides at yet another meal out of it, but still pricey.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I for sure haven't had any in almost 15 years,which is how long I've been retired. There was a drive thru near work which I would get about once every 3 months when I was working/doing errands on lunch hour and bring back to the office. Some of the workers had it every other week (payday treat) but I couldn't eat it that often (heart patient.) Do not recall having it even once since. The idea sounds good but don't know if I could eat it.