Sunday, April 23, 2017

Light grocery shopping

Is the new mantra. We have an ever growing list on the fridge, divided into 2 columns: grocery/non grocery items. Next to it, there is a list entitled, "must buy this week."  Here's what I recently bought:

2 deodorants for DS (had a BOGO coupon) who will reimburse me, a 2 count box of lubricating eye drops in a different brand than I normally use but the RX company sent me an "up to $15.99" coupon that I used on these $14.49 on sale drops. Nice.

 Coffee, Pam spray (I figured it's getting more expensive to use butter and I need to bake a cake today), XX sugar, ck lite tuna to mix with the remaining albacore I have on hand. We have 5 more weeks here before we move.
 Romaine, red leaf lettuce (noted signage stating that there is a shortage due to drought in CA), tomaotes, organic baby greens, celery
A splurge: some snack items to round out the options. Not pictured was the family 3 lb pkg of 80% ground beef @ $1.99/lb, limit one (meatloaf and burgers were already on this week's menu), 2 marked down pkgs of Perdue whole grain breaded cutlets (for cheaper chicken parm or a quick sandwich).

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

We have the same signs warning of lettuce and other green shortages. Guess I will put some lettuces in the garden for summer. I usually have seeds left over from other years, as lettuce seeds go a long way for two people. I might even get those in tomorrow, as it is supposed to be nice. Depends on how many weeds I can get removed first.