Thursday, April 13, 2017

Laundry and hall bath demo completed

 DX had commitments the first  few evenings this week after work, but was able to return to my remodel after work yesterday, working again alongside DD. The hall bath floor and all of the multiple layers of mudd, added during the handicapped bath conversion as well as the original tile flooring has been removed, exposing the underlayment, getting ready for tile.
 The tub side of the bathroom. The tub will have a right side drain, so this will be replaced, in preparation for tile and the plumber's portion of the conversion back.
 The laundry room/half bath's original linoleum has been removed, exposing the underlayment
There is water staining from underneath where the washer sat, as well as some rotted wood, which will be cut out and patched with new plywood. This room will also be tiled, we await the starting date of the plumber, who blew me off this week. I called last week, once the keys to the house were in hand, and he told me then that he really couldn't start on the 10th, but the 17th would be better. Please call and confirm on Friday. I am thinking of calling him tonight. I've rented the dumpster for a week, and as long as the owner of the company that I am renting from doesn't need it for someone else, I'll be OK but I had initially told him a week, with the expectation that all of the demo would be done within that time frame. Sigh.

The master bath's floor remains, as does the toilet and sink, out of convenience. The GC and 2 helpers have things to work on today, but really we are getting to a point where I need the electrical done so as to get the inspection and be able to seal off the walls (foam sealant) and sheetrock and paint. The plumber to make his cut outs so that the GC who specializes in tilework, can do the floors of the laundry and hall bathroom (tub is to be delivered by next week and will be needed before starting tile). Once the tile in the laundry is done, the toilet and sink can be installed (toilets are at the store awaiting pick up, the sink is to be delivered to the store by the end of next week), and then the master bath demo can be completed.

Meanwhile, I continue to address other areas of concern: basement casement windows, sidelight storm glass window etc

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I am really in awe of the relationship you have with your ex husband. It is wonderful how much he helps you.