Thursday, April 13, 2017

Last day of construction demo and revealing more

 I asked the contractor  to complete the demo of the Master bath floor.  Here, one can easily see the mold and rot from under the tile floor (this is the shower that leaked into the basement, netting me a $4900 credit towards repair) If you press on the area to the right of the bucket, you feel like your foot can go all the way through to the cellar!

 The toilet area shows alot of staining as well

and once again, is really rotten, and will need to be replaced before tile work can commence.

 The contractor also was to put the new underlayment down, in preparation for tile work in the half bath/laundry. Behind the plywood, the floor underneath was totally removed due to rot, and the rotted part of a frame underneath was reinforced. He will build this back up, and complete the underlayment tomorrow. The floor boards are completely removed behind that, leaving just the joists exposed.
 DD's windows, installed like the bulk of the windows in 2006, were never painted/stained, leaving bare wood. He taped around the windows in preparation for stain. I will consult DX on stain color to match existing wood work in the room.  Ds's bedroom which also received new windows in 2016, is the only windows that were stained, so nothing to do there besides order 2 window screens.

In contrast, my woodwork is being painted white, as will be the bulk of the home.
The electrician has to work around a ceiling rafter and has installed 2 pot lights over the sink, having to adjust initial placement.

Hideous plastic beaded chandelier is removed from the dining room after one of the contracter's bumped his head on it.  I did keep the LED bulbs.


meme said...

those are nice windows - lots of natural sunlight!

CTMOM said...

Yes, it's a very sunny home.

Meg B. said...

You will get a lot of natural light in that home. It will be nice.

Linda said...

I am glad the rotten wood is gone.