Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It runs in the family and lunches

 A new shop opened next door to where DD works, and they recently held a store opening. As the day was closing, the new merchant stopped by the other 2 businesses within the plaza, inviting the staff to grab food. DD came home with a box of Entennman's donuts (3 remaining) and the above: 2 Italian combo wraps, 4 baggies of carrots and celery. Most of the celery and carrots made their way into Sunday supper's salad bowl,
 but DS enjoyed the wraps (I added mustard, mayo, baby salad greens), as well as the rest of the raw veg with some Ranch dip.
 Another serving of taco rice
 Sunday's roast chicken became a chicken salad, that I had with some saltines
L/O meatloaf and l/o sides were my lunch today.

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Linda said...

You have trained her well! Congrats to both of you. Tell her she is a good daughter.