Wednesday, April 12, 2017

History of the pink bath

 Electrical work unearthed the original wall paper from 1960: white background with green and teal blue flowers on it.

The Master floor is green, unfortunately, whomever replaced the entry door with a wider one, ruined the floor at the entry, leaving a mudd floor, with their bootprints left behind. @@


 I will have the floor replaced with a classic, white with shiny black corners mosaic tile.
 The original, pink wall tiles are in great shape, a few need to be replaced near the sink where the original wall hung sink was replaced with a wheelchair accessible one. Since a vanity will be installed, the bad tiles can be swapped out with some good ones that would be covered by the vanity's position against the wall. Toilet holder still fine.
 As are the 2 wall towel bars, which I am keeping.
along with the toothbrush and soap shelves (lacking the proper term).

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CT Bargain Mom said...

Love that you're keeping the toothbrush and soap holders....they are actually kinda cool looking.