Sunday, April 23, 2017

Electrician has finished his rough ins for now

 Above the electrical line is the vent for the laundry, there is one on the opposite side of the house for venting the 2 bathrooms, which previously were vented to the attic. @@
 Numerous switches and gizmos from the previous owner were disconnected, ripped out and blanked or patched over in the cellar stairwell.
 The peach colored foam is an example of the former hole connections that are required by code to be filled before being sealed up.
GFI's all installed, including this one in the newly added half bath.

Electician will return towards the end, once floors are sanded, sheetrock is up, and there is no chance of making a huge amount of dust, and will then install the ceiling fans, the light kits, and address a few msc replacement outlets (literally replacing the old, black outlets for 3 pronged white ones), adding cover plates everywhere, etc.

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