Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter 2017

 Was a use whatever is on hand meal: frozen shank ham was studded with cloves, sliced pineapples were toothpicked on and the whole affair was slow baked with a spicy brown mustard-brown sugar glaze. After supper, some meat was cubed for upcoming meals, the rest ground and became deviled ham salad for the week. Meaty ham bone frozen for upcoming soup or bean meal.
 Boxed angel food cake mix was topped with fresh strawberries and served with freshly whipped cream.
Mashed fresh potatoes were served along with French green bean casserole, corn.

Simple, used up items, so all good.

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meme said...

we made a pork roast for Easter this year - my husband's after taste from food really limits what he eats (due to the lasting effects of chemo and radiation) - I love a pork roast anyway! This is the first week I am buying strawberries at the supermarket - they seem expensive to me - $3.59 for a pound - 40 cents off.