Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Demo nearing completion, replacement upgrades starting

 The original hall linen closet is framed out, to be covered by sheet rock, base molding at the bottom.
 The new entry, to the newly reduced in size hall linen closet will have 2 French doors to gain access. As one exits the hall bath, the closet is on the right, in an alcove before entering the hallway.
 The header beam was put in so that one can get a better sense of the large cut out between the living room
 and the kitchen.
 2 large, fluorescent lights were removed, pot lights are replacing them, as well as the hideous light fixture that was over the kitchen sink.
 Here's another hideous (not the same one) light fixture, this one is in the laundry/half bath. Looks like a metal cage.
 I have asked the electrician to move the better of the 2 fluorescents from the kitchen to repurpose it in the laundry/half bath. The other large fluorescent is to go down cellar.

4 under the cabinet lights are going in the kitchen. Not having to contend with the base cabinets makes this much easier for the electrician to install. The opening in the floor is the only heat register in the room. It was not visible with the bottom cabinets in, as whomever installed the kitchen, simply placed the sink cabinet over it, and didn't bother to vent it through the tow kick. @@ When the cabinets do go back in, the heat will be ducted, as required.

A lot of work in just 4 days.


meme said...

Wow - so much work in just a few short days! You will be in the house before you know it! I love looking at all the pictures!

CTMOM said...

It's all planning, coordinating with the contractors, addressing additional issues as they arise. Missing all week, has been the plumber. Grr . . but he is supposed* to be on site come Monday. He needs to work on some areas so that others can then complete what they need to in those areas. I also need to consult with him on a vanity, it's an odd configuration to find, I have one, but need the green light from him as to whether or not it will work.