Monday, April 10, 2017

Contractor and electrician started today

 After  taking down a crazy, homemade alarm system from a central control panel down cellar, the electrician started on the attic portion of the house, meaning whatever required working up there. All 3 bedrooms, the kitchen and living room have wires now hanging where the ceiling fans will go.
 A slew of no longer needed electrical outlets, junction boxes, unsafe electrical practices in general were removed. All outlets replaced with 3 prong outlets
All switches are now large, rocker "Decora" switches which are easier on my hands.

He also installed 2 of 3 bathroom fans (whisper quiet, too).

The contractor reinforced the hatchway cellar stairs by adding a central bracing piece in the middle of each step/tred riser. A 3 foot, insulated, steel door was framed in and installed, a deadbolt and a key locking knob installed. The outer areas will later have scraps of insulation to fill in the cracks. I can just imagine the heat loss over the past 57 years!

 The cutout between the living room and kitchen was broken through, a header needs to be built as this is a load bearing wall.
 Here's a view from the kitchen, eating area. The cross breeze is wonderful
 The hall bath is almost completely gutted, between DX and the contractor. There were multiple layers of "mudd" on the floor. More to break up and remove.
 Hall bath originally had a beige floor. What is being put in, will mimic it
 The view from the hall linen closet into my shower, where space will be stolen to enlarge the shower. The door in the hallway for the linen closet will be sheetrocked in, a new 2 door, bifold door will go in around the corner, just on the left as one enters the hall bathroom (it still will be in the hall, however)
The view of the shower from the master bath.


Linda said...

I am terrified of having poor electrical work burning my house down. It did happen once when I was four-years-old. I am glad it was uncovered and installed correctly.

Kathy said...

Very nice!
So exciting to have your own home the way that you want it.

meme said...

Wow - lots of work being done! That is nice of your DX to come help....

Life In Mooseport said...

That's a lot of progress in a short amount of time. I'm so happy for you and your family!

CTMOM said...

Meme-he needs the $, and is cutting me a break on the price of his labor. DD is working alongside him, to payoff a debt to me for her car insurance.