Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Almost 28 days later

 This was my kitchen upper pantry cabinet on March 8th, almost 28 days ago
 And here it is now: all oatmeal pkts are gone, all extra boxed cereal is gone and we're down to cheerios, shredded wheat biscuits, a teeny bit of rice krispies. I dug out a box of flavored oats, and a new canister of oats. There is a teeny bit of organic oats in a jar, as well as some cream of wheat. Lower shelf is missing some canned soup, tuna.
 Lower pantry cabinet last month
now missing several boxs of crackers, canned fruit, canned veg, Winter squash, GF pasta, assorted flavor pouches/sauces/mixes, jarred spaghetti sauce (emergency meal), open jars (for storage) pasta.

The freezers have room showing up as well. I hope to close on the house in 2 days, and we will continue eating this down to both economize as well as reduce what will need to be purchased. I have 8 weeks until the end of my lease, so this is do-able. I am planning everything out.

Fingers crossed that we close, my schedule is tight!


Busy Bee said...

Yay! Less to move this way!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Wishing you well on the closing and also the food clearing!

Lili said...

I second Busy Bee on the less to move!

meme said...

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!