Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A few quick stops

 On Monday, I stopped at the store for milk,
 and naturally, I also scopped out the crash n burn section, grabbing some real bargains in the process: cereal $1.79, canned beans @ 39 and 44 (Goya), pork benas 39, olives 84, sugar 99.
Tues, I returned as I had a coupon on the sale priced lactose free milk for DD, netting me an additional 55 cents off per carton. A large can of no salt tomato sauce (pizza on deck here Fri-perfect timing), stewed tomatoes 49, 2 pkgs (one frozen) of English muffins @ 75, and 2 pkgs marked down ground chicken breast (recently discovered that we are out of ground poultry) $2.44/pkg.  The above combined trips represent about $20 worth of expenditure. I am feeling pretty broke at the moment, as my line of credit is yet to complete processing, hoping it will be resolved come the end of this week, then it takes 3 days before the monies are actually available. Ack! My credit card has a lot on it, the contractor is paid weekly and only takes checks (or cash). I may* have to resort to a cash advance on my card (never have done this in my 53 years so I had to inquire about it at the bank). This week's payment is covered, fortunately, it's next week's that is of concern. All other subs will have to sit tight at the moment. This is not how I normally function. I save, then I spend. Not the opposite.

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Hawaii Planner said...

Buying a house & making renovations certainly wreaks havoc on the cash flow! I am right there with you. In addition, we are doing some work on our rental house in order to get it ready to sell. We have enough to cover it, but I have to sell stock from my company, and there's a time window, etc. It's complicated, & I have a bunch of cash flow trackers to keep track of everything. Good luck to you!