Friday, March 24, 2017

Trying to close out March's grocery spending

This has been a restricted month, with the advent of an unexpected real estate purchase. My pantry/freezer challenge simply continued to roll over into this current month, which I am ready to close out on. Yesterday found me running errands, so I used my proximity to the stores to grab some items to see me through, hopefully, the end of the month, with some monies to spare for a few usual essentials such as milk. Cat liter remains on the list of must buys this week, but pet supplies/food are tallied separately from the grocery budget.

So what did I buy?

Burger king                               $5.32 (used coupon)
McDonald's                               $9.66
Dunkin Donuts                          $6.99(used coupon)
E's diner                                     $9.70

Total:                                          $31.67

*my usual restaurant allotment is $100, so better, would have preferred zero spent. Too many appointments associalted with the house translated into grabbing food out.

Grocery (Aldi's, Price Rite, ShopRite, Dollar Tree):

4 gallons 1 %milk
5 half gallons of LF milk
2 quarts 1/2 & 1/2
4 lbs unsalted butter
2 quarts organic yogurt
3 dozen medium eggs
1 18 ct carton large eggs
1 pkg presliced Munster (store coupon plus manufacurer cpn)

1 pkg bologna
2 pkgs  Corned beef
2 pkgs turkey Italian sausage (marked down)
3 pkgs meatloaf mix (marked down)
1 pkg thin steak (marked down)

large tub organic baby salad greens
1 bag fzn peas
2 lbs carrots
8 vine tomatoes
3 lbs Granny Smith apples
3 lb Pink Lady apples
2 bags popcorn kernals
1 XL cantaloupe
1 lg head Romaine
1 celery
2 lg heads cabbage
5 lbs Red bliss vpotatoes

cheese crackers (marked down)
1 36 oz bottle Ranch dressing (marked down)
Nacho popcorn spinkle 69 cents (marked down)
2 bags Hazelnut coffee
1 pkg flour tortillas
2 bags gummi bears
1 pouch Almond butter (freebie w/ coupon)
4 29 oz cans seasoned, diced tomatoes
1 can organic black beans (freebie w/ coupon)
5 boxes Pasta
1 large bottle Honey mustard dressing
2 cans soup
1 loaf oatbran bread

Grocery totals:
Aldi: $5.48
ShopRite: $66.20
Price Rite $5.98
Dollar Tree: $3
ShopRite: $19.82
Aldi: $40.34
Dollar Tree: $5.13

Grocery total: $145.95
Restaurant total: $31.67

Total grocery all inclusive: $177.62 (aiming for $200 total this month) with $22.80 remaining

I think I've got this!


Anne in the kitchen said...

Wonderful budgeting this month! I know you are ready to get everything done so you can start enjoying life in the new home.

~Lisa~ said...

Excellent budgeting!