Sunday, March 19, 2017

This weekend's baking

We still have magic cookie bars as well as Jello for dessert seekers (the kids ever more so are interested more than I ever am), with DD away until Tues, I am holding off on making her some blueberry GF scones but I noted that we have about 1/3 of a loaf of bread remaining, so I decided to make a large loaf of bread for the upcoming week, esp as DS will be returning back to school, toting a lunch as he does.

Today's version is continuing with the "use what is on hand" theme of the year as we ready for a hopeful home purchase and a modest (eek! estimates are coming in!)remodel and bringing of mechanicals up to code. I am down to no bread flour and only the AP flour that remains in a large kitchen canister. Additionally, I do have about 5 lbs whole wheat flour, as well as Rye. I wanted an all purpose loaf, so using my current favorite bread recipe, I substituted 2 of the 5 3/4 cups of AP flour for whole wheat, creating the loaf above, which should meet our needs most of this week. To ration my butter, I substituted vegetable oil  and used instant, reconstituted milk in place of fluid milk to conserve what I have on hand for drinking/cereal/tea.

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Belinda said...

A beautiful loaf of bread. Good way to make it using what you have on hand.