Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The soup pot; a great way to avoid food waste, and costs

 I've always enjoyed and preferred a hot lunch over a cold one, even as a child, and my personal lunches have gravitated towards plates of leftovers, if not some soup. Today finds me making a batch of soup, as a means to have a hot lunch at the ready (quick to reheat), and to avoid food waste. I culled ingredients from the fridge: l/o corn, l/o boiled potatoes, l/o pot roast, a container with l/o pot roast gravy, a large can of "V8" and a pkg of ditalini, which I later switched out.
 I also grabbed the rest of an open head of cabbage, an onion (used 1/2), 2 stalks of celery and the rest of a bag of carrots after leaving 2 good carrots behind (you can see that what equates 2 carrots is comprised of broken off bits for one of them)
 The rest of a container with reserved beef tallow. I made my soup in the usual way: sweated off the fresh vegetables in the fat before adding everything else (not the pasta) as well as some spices: black pepper, a Bay leaf, parsley, Italian herbs.
 I let this simmer away for half an hour

before adding some egg noodles for soup, saving the ditalini for a tuna-pasta salad sometime in the near future.

My lunch, along with some crackers:


Anne in the kitchen said...

This soup sounds really good and you are right about using the odds and ends to prevent food waste. Since I like soup year round I tend to freeze any leftover in individual serving containers. TheHub is funny about soup when the weather is warm and we are in the middle of a huge warming trend here! (mid 80's today)

Dawn- Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Your soup looks delicious! I love using up leftovers to create a hearty new meal. Many years ago I used to be intimidated by making soups, stews and casseroles because I felt like recipes needed to be used and followed to the letter. Now I realize the beauty of simply combining compatible ingredients and suiting the measurements and seasonings to your own taste buds.
I always feel very inspired by your posts and how you make such yummy looking meals using what you have on hand. :)

Belinda said...

The soup looks delicious, Carol. I love a good bowl of homemade soup for lunch.