Sunday, March 5, 2017

The practically empty, meat drawer

is where I would store several pkgs of store bought (Aldi's most likely)coldcuts. I currently have one sandwich's worth of leftover tuna salad and an open pouch of Pepperoni with probably enough to top one large pizza. So, for lunches away from home, I need to preplan and come up with alternatives.

As I grabbed the pasta boxes for tomorrow's supper, setting them out on the counter, I noted a half empty box of mini farfalle. This became my inspiration.

First, I needed to mix up a dressing:
I started with the dregs of a Penzey's peppercorn dressing, added some mayo, the contents from 2 lurking Chinese restaurant mustard packets, more black pepper, some parsley, some Italian dried herbs.

 Here's my finished dressing.

I added the rest of the garbanzo beans, the rest of the black olives that I sliced, the contents of a lurking jar of pickled squash pieces. I can turn to this several times this week. 

Here's DS's lunch container, already to just grab and go in the morning. Love that I am able to use stuff up in the process.


Anon said...

Those tubs the lunch meat from aldi comes in are great! I really like them for stacking leftovers in the freezer.

DW said...

That looks like it would be a good base for a tuna pasta salad!