Sunday, March 5, 2017

Stock taking week 1

 With my spending freeze, I wanted to quickly check on my pantry dry goods. Here is the baking cabinet, still some mixes on hand. I have a second, upper cabinet with DD's gluten free mixes/ingredients as well as my stash of baking chips, Jello and pudding My main kitchen pantry is below, in a tall, deep cabinet:
 We're intentionally eating the cereals down. I've pulled all of it forward, for easier access. Not pictured behind the cereal, are several jars of dried fruits as toppers, if not baking ingredients. 4 types of cold cereal, cream of wheat, oats, and DS's maple oat packets
 The proteins (and a gallon of syrup): canned fish, dried beans/peas/lentils/barle, PB and almond butter as well as 2 large tubs of homemade Bisquisk and a convenience baking mix with oats for cookies that we like
 Snacks: popcorn, grahams, crackers, 1/2 bag of tortillas, dried fruit mix, canned fruit, a few msc like the pesto landed here
 Starches and seasonings: pasta, rice, instant mashed potatoes; to the right: DD's GF items, in back: assorted seasoning mixes/pouches, instant bouillon cubes/powders, gnochi, tortellini.
While the cellar utility pantry continues to still hold a bit, including my home canned tomatoes, the lowest shelf in the kitchen pantry holds all my canned produce (except for a case of tomato sauce from the store): mostly no salt: green beans, waxed, corn, cream corn, stewed tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, a random bottle of  a Chinese sweet chilli sauce, baked and pork beans.

 The cellar pantry, located in the utility room: upper shelves house 2 boxes of light bulbs (CFL's in one (want to use up) and LED's an another-my new "technology"), a few boxes of parchment paper left over from my cleaning stockpile, a white tub with generic "Swiffer" pads in them, one lone box of GF flour for DD
 Left view of shelves: condiments, some noodles, panko, rice, condiments
 Right view of shelves, more condiments, some canned soup, canned pumpkin, honey, 1 box low sodium stock
 Lower left: bins of potatoes and onions are stored here, seltzer, a few bottles of cola, sugar (orange buckets are empty) gallons of vinegar and cooking oil, flats of canned jam and salsa

Bottom right: boxes of canned tomatoes and sauce, more canned jam, a case of tomato sauce

I will post an update of these same cabinets in a month's time, when I am supposed to have already closed on the house purchase.


Busy Bee said...

It looks like you are well stocked. I'll be following along to see what you make with everything. I could stand to do an eat down on my pantry, too.

CTMOM said...

Busy, I had done a top up last month, took advantage of "can-can" sale at local grocery store. I had no idea that I'd be looking for a home, that I'd find one so quickly, and that I'd be chosen from mulitple offers! I did consolidate my canned veg to the kitchen for ease of use. Now to eat it down, avoid the store (do need a corned beef this month) except for essentials.

meme said...

I can see why you would want to "eat that down" - that is a lot of move...I bet you can make a huge dent in it in a month's time. I keep a lot of food in my house too - it gets rotated pretty quickly with the five of us, and my six daycare children.

Laura said...

Your pantry looks great! And I can commiserate on not wanting to move it; at least not ALL of it. I'm doing a pantry challenge this month, although more to stay on top of what we have and eat down some of the lingering items. We don't have any plans to move at this time, so can afford to keep a reasonable depth but I'm always trying to figure out what the best balance is for us.