Saturday, March 4, 2017

Staying on top of rebates

My eye Doctor had me now on RX drops, which are very expensive. Since I am at the point in my deductible with medical insurance where I only* have to pay 10% of in plan costs, these drops for 90 days, cost me $125.17. Better yet, the drug company has a co-pay assistance program, so they refunded me $125.17, making this medication free! The rebate seemed to have taken a long time, so I phoned the other day, learning that it was processed and a check mailed. I received the above check, the next day. I keep a bright pink folder at my desk, marked "refunds"for items like this. A nice chunk of change back to me.


Busy Bee said...

That is awesome!

meme said...

That is awesome amount of money back! Great to add to the "needed for house" fund!