Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Shopping from the freezer and pantry

I pulled what I'll call "breakfast foods" out of the garage freezer: marked down turkey bfst sausages, bacon bought on sale + cpn, my last backup lb of butter, 2 homemade, mini pumpkin breads.

Lunch and supper will also be using some on hand ingredients: 2 cans of tomato soup plus the leftover, white rice from last night will be used to create old fashioned, cream of tomato rice soup-perfect on this blizzardy day (is thate even a word?)  Supper will use an additional 2 cans of tomato soup, one onion, 1 lb of marked down ground beef, and more frozen rice, this time, my usual brown rice, that was frozen when I over cooked one weekend (kids plans changed last minute). I will use these to create a family favorite:  lazy golumbki casserole, to be baked off in the mini convection/toaster oven.

Pure comfort food!

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