Saturday, March 18, 2017


Looking for imput on flooring and counter tops. The cheap and torn up, cracking vinyl flooring in the kitchen and laundry is getting ripped out.

I will have red oak, wood floors installed in the kitchen, matching what is in the DR, LR, entry, hallway, closets, all 3 bedrooms. Existing wood floors are getting redone. Got a great price to get that work done.  When we have the wood floor installed in the kitchen, we are first removing the appliances and 4 base cabinets, along with the cheapo formica countertop. Hoping to reuse those, not damage them in the process so as to avoid that expense at this point. The new 1/2 bath will have a pedestal sink, no counter there

The laundry room to also be a 1/2 bath, I am thinking large black and white tiles, to be installed on the diagonal, giving a diamond effect. (image above has a marbled, white tile, I would do a solid white)  I am also thinking of eventually painting the room green. Master pink bath shower is getting gutted, so now considering redoing the floor tile in there as well. 


Hall handicapped bath is getting completely gutted, thinking a classic white tile floor that has black corner insets. Shower/cast iron tub will be done in white subway tile with a niche that has a contrasting pattern/inset, and there will also be an accent border in a black/white theme. Walls will be painted a very light, soft blue. 

The hall bath will have a vanity, a white porceline inset sink, and a countertop. I do not want an all in one counter with sink. 

The master bath is getting a white wooden vanity, white porceline sink, and a counter top. What to do for bathroom counters? I don't want marble, not really a fan of granite but I may* be able to chance upon a remenant piece at one of the granite places locally. Quartz? I really have no idea. Thoughts welcomed.


jrquilts said...

quartz is a great idea for counter tops , i have begin told you have to seal granite each year to protect it,love your blog enjoy your new home

Dagmar said...

Sealing granite is a piece of cake; you slosh liquid sealer on top, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe off excess with a paper towel. So easy--it shouldn't be a deterrent; not when you could get a remnant for a song.

I like the black/white tiles, but would get the mottled white over pure white. Visually it's more interesting. But mostly because pure white is going to show every single particle of dirt, hairs, dust, etc.

I would make sure any tile is not a slippery hazard when wet, for safety's sake. Some tiles advertise themselves as having a slip-averse finish; others have to be further investigated.

Meg B. said...

While I love tile floors, I loathe grout...the cleaning, the sealing, etc. I think there are really pretty vinyl floors out there, which I find much easier to maintain. As for slippery tile in a bathroom, I had very nice tile put down in a former home, (I want to say they were porcelain, but can't remember) and they were less slippery than the previous vinyl floor that had been in there. As for kitchens: I have had vinyl, tile and wood in my kitchens. (And carpet in an apartment, but I try valiantly to forget that.) I prefer wood. It seems easier on the legs than vinyl or tile, and no grout to worry about!
Enjoy the process! So excited for you.

Julie Vidani said...

I agree on the sealing - once a year I take everything off the countertop, put on the sealant, wipe off the excess and done - 30 minutes max. I don't understand how some people see that as a deterrent.

CTMOM said...


I initially thought of quartz as I am not a fan of the price nor the staining factor of marble, which I had at a former rental.

CTMOM said...

Dagmar, yes, slip resistant tile is preferred. Trying to get a classic look, using larger tiles. Not worried about sealing granite rather the dating itself issue. Granite has been all the rage (ditto SS appliances). At some point soon, both SS and granite will date a home. That's why I have always gone with white appliances. I had "fake granite" solid surface counters in the bathrooms of a former rental. Meuh. I also felt that the colors chosen by the owner were too dark for my taste. I am now in a rental condo, with real granite counters that are again very dark (kitchen) but beige tones in master bathroom. I wouldn't mind sealing them (won't do it here, and not expected to per the lease), but one is limited in using vinegar to clean. My cleaning mainstays are vinegar as well as castille soap mixed into a water-soap solution. Not a big deal just concerned about investing in surfices that date a home. The kitchen currently has fake granite formica-really crappy quality, too, in colors I don't care for. PLan is to remove the lower cabinets and counters in order to completly cover the floor in the kitchen. SHould I ever decide to remodel, the floors would be completly done. It's a smaller kitchen but currently does have a corner area for a table and chairs (although I am worried that my round table may be too big). I also have a separate dining room.

CTMOM said...

Meg, once it was discovered that the kitchen floor needs to be replaced, I bit the bullet and added wood floors to the kitchen as I am having the entire home (outside of bathrooms and laundry) refinished. Just made sense. I like the wood floors here in the kitchen, as you said, easy on the legs/joints. Trick with tile (yes, slip resistant if possible)is to seal the grout, be vigilent about cleaning it, reseal as needed.

Meg B. said...

Oh, I am vigilant. But I would never choose a tiled kitchen floor again.

Jo said...

I've been happy with a wood look premium vinyl engineered floor in my kitchen, bathroom and foyer. It was recommended by my contractor and worked especially well for me because it is all in one piece (as in no special preparation or underlayment needed), needs no final finishing and has no smell! I am really sensitive to fragrances, chemical smells, etc. It was from Lowe's, but I'm sure it can be procured from other sources.
Good luck in your new home : )

Ms. Sandie said...

We have a high quality vinyl in our kitchen and hallways to my fathers apartment as well as in his bath. We get tons of compliments on it. I wanted tile, but feared damage from the multiple heavy items he sometimes drops and him slipping. I do love the black and white tiles. We have pergo in his apartment, but it is not damage resistant.