Thursday, March 2, 2017

Remodeling: the kitchen and dining room

 As you enter from the garage or leave the laundry room, this is the back, kitchen door. Besides a new lock, thanks to a lock smith, and possibly a valence I would sew, I will place a door mat in front and call it quits. These photos are deceptive: this really is a narrow hallway going into the kitchen.
 Clearly not the original, 1960 cabinets (see next post), but servicable. There is some wear in front of the sink cabinets (can touch up) and the inside floor of the sink base cabinet has water damage. I will have this reinforced with wood, paint it and be done. The cabinets are OK, nothing great but they will work for now. Same for the cheap countertop-it'll work for now. Same for the vinyl floor. It works. Existing padded mat will go in front of the sink. Appliances: the fridge is running, works well, is a GE and I like the bottom freezer with 2 doors for the fridge up top. GE dishwasher seems ok, will be tested.  I've always preferred white applicances, they never date themselves due to the color. Replace one, no one notices. Many of the homes I researched have, for example, an Almond stove hood, a stainless steel range, a black fridge-all mix/matched and just didn't look right. The top of the GE electric stove looks fine but the oven! Ack! Yet another attack and clean me before using situation. If I can get it reasonably clean, fine. Down the road, I'd like to get a propane stove. There is already an extra cement pad on the property, just for this. I don't know if I can tap into the generator's propane tank or would have to get a separate one. The GE microwave is vented outside, one can still see the original, metal jalousie style flapper for the exhaust. There is a chip/separated from the lip of the lower portion of the microwave door. This will need to be looked at and a determination made as to whether I can just superglue it together (really is a narrow sliver of plastic) or not. A replacement would not be very expensive. I wish to have GFI outlets at the counter, undercounter lights installed, pot lights in the ceiling, swapping out existing lights and have a ceiling fan with light kit installed in the eating area corner. As one looks at the range, the eating area is about opposite. It is between the living room and this eat in area that I hope to open up a wall.

I dont' recall exactly, but somehow the kitchen flows into the dining room, which is completely paneled. Paneling will be removed, floor refinished, walls insulated,sheet rock added, painting the bottom half one color, the top another, divided by white chair rail, topped with white crown molding. (I am thinking of a darker taupe and a cream), outlets/switches replaced, horrible chandelier switched out for an updated fixture. Sliders removed and replaced with  a single door that has an undivided panel next to it. New drapery rod, reuse existing insulating, brown drapes from condo.


Busy Bee said...

I think kitchens and dining rooms are my favorite rooms to look at. I love the shape of your dining room. It lends itself to so many possibilities.

I like white appliances, too. Sadly when we bought our home the contractor had used all black. I've continued with that and even seem to have become more used to seeing them.

Kathy said...

Nice big rooms! Looks like lots of counter/cabinet space in the kitchen too.