Thursday, March 2, 2017

Remodeling: the exterior

My monies are limited and will be focused on upgrades, unless the upcoming inspections find something else, so exterior work will be very, very low on the priority list.

The back of the home has a weathered deck, which needs to be power washed-this is preventative maintenance, IMO. We can certainly stain it ourselves, it isn't all that large. Additional exterior items on my list:

-general clean up of the back rear of the yard. I am uncertain as to where the property line is, and should have a land surveyor out to stake it. Meanwhile, I can talk to the abutting neighbors and get an idea from them as to where they think it is, address the fallen limbs and brush.
-a 3 sided, compost bin will be made out of upcycled pallets
-a small garden will be tilled, fenced in somehow, using upcycled items if possible
-oddball, mismatched lights will be removed from the home, proper motion detector flood lights installed
-existing flower beds directly behind the home will be cleaned up, mulched
-existing, long planter out front already has some (I think they are daffodils) sprouting due to recent hot weather, yes HOT-70d degrees in CT in February is hot. I need to determine just what is in there already, mulch.

-to the right, in front of the home, right against the house, a curved area will be tilled and mulched. Not sure how much I can afford this year, will scour the freebie sites locally, look for after holiday clearance sales and plant a variety of  colorful shrubs and flowers with the aim that something is always in bloom, to provide color to the front of the house. The image shows the type of bed I am thinking, although I don't think that I will edge it in brick.

-a new mail box will eventually be warrented

The house is certainly 1960, the exterior is clad in vinyl, very cedar shake like siding, black iron rail near the entry, covered stoop, but I forget what material the front stoop and walkway from driveway to front door is made out of.

-I'd like to have the driveway sealed before next Winter to prevent cracks.

-There is one, existing light post in front, near the door and one in the back yard. Eventually, these will be replaced.

As much as possible, I hope to source what I need from free and facebook tagsale sites as well as Habitat for Humanity; we have one here in the city


The Line has been Drawn said...

Love all the windows. So many possibilities with this house. Ask friends/family for plant clippings. As an avid gardener, I always feel honored whenever asked about splits of my plants. It also helps thin out my own gardens. Congrats on your new place.

Ms. Sandie said...

I am so excited for you! I have a brand new cedar raised bed kit I would like to gift to you if you are interested in using it. I decided to only use 4 of the 5 I purchased secpverak years ago. Still in the box unopened.

Lili said...

I'm so happy for you and your family. You will have this house just how you want in no time. Can the fire place be used for heat in a power outage?

Life In Mooseport said...

Looks like a nice solid house. So happy for you!

NAN said...

Carol, what a nice house and I know you will make it yours! Congratulations. I am so happy for you.

CTMOM said...

The line, yes, freebie plantings will be a must as I am taping out my savings and residual accounts. I am monitoring my cash flow. That burdeon will be gone once I physically receive my retirement checks. My retirement was officially 3/1/17, and the earliest that I would receive any pay would be at the end of the month, but it may* take a few months, and pay would be retroactive. I continue to crank up the frugality and not spend but what is necessary. If needed, as well as to earn some points, I can put some remodeling expenses on my CC, and pay it off a month later, buying me some time. I am also considering applying for a line of credit, to hold a reserve for just in case, emergency repairs for big ticket items like A/C, furnace, roof etc.

CTMOM said...

Ms Sandie-how sweet of you! I may take you up on your generous offer! : )
How thouhtful! Keeping fingers crossed that upcoming appraisal and inspections go relatively smoothly and I can still close come the end of the month.

CTMOM said...

Lili, I insist on a full, proper inspection of the fireplace for safety reasons. I have no way of knowing when it was last cleaned out, if it was ever repaired, etc. here are existing, partially burnt logs in it now, and ash. The services of a chimney sweep are required and I will look into initially being able to use for wood burning, saving up to retrofit as a propane burning fireplace, perhaps getting a wood burning stove. Safety is the utmost important issue on this at the moment. A 93 y.o. man last resided here, and he clearly was ill/handicapped so I doubt that he made that fire. There is an instant on, propane fueled generator so I will not have to worry about power outages. That feature is relatively new, and will also be inspected next week.

CTMOM said...

Nan, thank you. This whole process is going so fast, adding to my nerves. If it was meant to be, as my Mom would say . . .I am remaining positive.

CTMOM said...

Life, thank you

Ms. Sandie said...

My husband and I would be very happy to help you build your new garden with it. Just find me through my studio website when you want to connect privately

Laura said...

Congratulations on the house! It really is quite lovely and in wonderful shape. Like others, the natural light is such a nice thing to have and really the layout is pretty open considering the age of the home.

Busy Bee said...

I love it!

Definitely keep an eye out for landscaping discounts. Also, if you local community college has a landscaping program contact them. Ours does and you can buy plants they have raised...the cost is usually pretty good. It also might be a way to find some students in need of work. A win for them and hopefully a better price for you!

Kathy said...

So exciting! The house is lovely, and I am sure that you will be happy there. I think some plants/flowers in front will be lovely. Maybe even a couple of packs of zinnias from dollar tree if there aren't other plants in the front. Looking forward to seeing how you turn a house into a home.

Dagmar said...

Don't forget to have the furnace flue cleaned at the same time you get the chimney swept! Oil burning furnaces create a great deal of soot, and the flue needs to be cleaned out just as regularly as a wood-burning fireplace. Crazily enough, no oil companies offer this service along with the annual furnace check, and most do not even bother to tell the customers how important cleaning the furnace flue is.

When we purchased our first home, we had the fireplace/furnace flues cleaned as part of the purchase inspection. the fireplace did not have any soot buildup, but they removed 9 pounds of soot from the furnace flue--yeesh!