Thursday, March 2, 2017

Remodeling: the bathrooms

 The infamous pink bath: the tiles will be inspected up close, and as long as they are holding well (my initial impression is that they are in great shape), they are staying. Looks like a small grey square tile on the floor. I will have the wall sink removed, and replaced with a white vanity with porcelin sink. I know from experience that if this is carefully done, once the sink is off of the wall, there will be missing tiles, which can be stolen from the lower part of the wall, which would be covered by the vanity; soap and toothbrush holder to stay put. One can barely see it, but there is a single, stall shower in good condition with a glass door. I already tested the black knobbed, timer fan swich, just outside the shower, it works great. I need to determine upon closer inspection if I need to buy a new medicine cabinet, any wall lights, ceiling light. There are 2 towel bars to the left of the shower as you exit, but I'd like a small towel bar near the sink for  a hand towel. I also want a GFI outlet near the vanity for my hairdryer. My existing, small black shelf unit will be hung over the toilet to hold kleenex, etc. Done.

 The hall bath, which is handycap accessible: The grab bars will be removed from the walls (sell them?), once again the sink comes out, to be replaced with a dark wood vanity coraling a white sink. The exhaust fan didn't seem to draw well, it may just need cleaning as this is the bath primarily used. Not sure about the medicine chest, will have to check it out. The lights look newer, may use them elsewhere. It looks* like there is a light beige tile floor, which I will have to look at to make a determination as to what to do.
The big $$ will go to a cast iron, white tub, a tiled shower, shower head and necessary plumbing to make this a normal bathroom. We will have the room painted, not sure what color. Crackle style, window privacy plastic cling will be placed on this large window, especially as it faces the front yard. I plan on making cafe curtains of some sort. One of the bigger projects, but getting it done before moving just makes sense.

This is the laundry just off of the kitchen. If one were to step back, the door to the garage is to the left, the door to the backyard to the right. These must be the original kitchen/laundry cabinets, which initially look good, I need to check everything over. Washer and Dryer set looks good from here but I noted that the inside of the washer was splashed about with detergent, so I will give it a good clean before I contemplate using it. I will research the model number as well as I doubt that there is any literature left behind. I need to determine the load capacity, as it appeared small to me. I have no qualms replacint a set, and selling this one off if indeed, they are smaller in size. The vinyl flooring will be replaced with a large, neutral tile, thinking beige/cream/ The slosh sink to the bottom right as you enter is in rough shape, very dirty, clearly was used. The realtor had a great suggestion that I will use: since there is plenty of space (think just below the window), I will have a white toilet installed and then switch the slosh sink for either a white pedestal sink or a small, white or wooden vanity with a porcelin sink. I can use my existing kitchen drapes, buy another silver drapery rod for grommeted curtains. The grey box over the dryer to the right is the connection of the automatic, propane generator. I would also like an outlet in the room for ironing, and replacing light switches with rocker switches, which are easier on my hands. Window cling will again be added to this window, for both panes. An exhaust fan will be installed (good idea with a washer anyway), as well as a towel bar/ring.  I would like to paint, thinking a celery green.Over time, a few decorative pieces can be added. Truely a small make over, and inexpensive. Adding a 1/2 bath would be a real convenience right off of the kitchen, as one enters the service doors, and instantly gives me more equity. Done.


meme said...

I love the idea of making this into a half bath also! That really adds value to the home.

Ellie said...

Hi Carol. I am glad you are keeping the pink tile. :) Please reconsider removing the grab bars from the shower. You never know what can happen in the future. They are quite handy if one has a sprained ankle, foot or back injury. The one against the back wall of the shower can act like a towel bar. Grab bars are messy to install and can be costly too.
My nephew broke his back in his 20's and had to rely on the grab bar in his parent's shower to help with his balance while showering. Thank goodness they had one. My Mom is in a rental apartment and uses a suction cup handle in her shower. They aren't very safe. Nothing works as well as a properly installed grab bar.
Thanks for letting me put in my two cents.

CT Bargain Mom said...

When remodeling the slosh sink, we took one out of the laundry room and then put in a single bowl stainless kitchen sink. Sounds weird and works great in the laundry room as a soaking sink and hand washing.

I also agree with keeping a grab bar in the shower....

CTMOM said...

CT Bargain-do you have a 1/2 bath also in your laundry room?