Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Planning ahead

 I continue to  cull from the foodstuffs on hand. Case in point: today, I made a quick, tortellini soup, for a Lenten offering the next few days. I had a box of low sodium chicken broth brought very cheaply (sale + large coupon)during the holidays. I also had a pkg of mushroom tortellini that needed to be used. A container with l/o carrots and Brussels sprouts was also grabbed, along with black pepper, French tarragon, parsley, chicken bouillon powder, some water, 2 stalks of celery.
 Within 15 minutes, a delicious pot of soup was made. Perfect.
I also boiled a dozen eggs, to be used for egg salad or sliced egg sandwiches, if not offered up for breakfasts.  We are out of coldcuts, I need to plan for DS's school lunches.


meme said...

Your soup looks delicious!

Unknown said...

Have you ever tried creamed eggs? Sliced hard boiled eggs on toast with nutmeg seasoned white sauce over the top. Soon local asparagus will be under the eggs. Spring is coming!