Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Planning ahead: April menus 2017


I anticipate that my grocery list will look very much like this image, as we continue to severely limit purchases in April, eating what is on hand in the process, topping up on the usual perishables: milk, 1/2 & 1/2, lettuce as well as a few items to complete the menus: cream, berries, pie crust.

My plans for the month:
1-hoping that this is new home demo day, I have agreed to provide food, so thinking pizza
2-CP rotisserie chicken, canned green beans, buttered noodles with herbs, cranberry sauce
3-baked fzn fillets of Haddock, rice, sauteed fzn spinach seasoned with garlic
4-Salisbury steaks (use canned Fr onion soup for gravy) in homemade onion-(canned) mushroom gravy; mashed potatoes, fzn corn
5-baked ziti with meat sauce, topped with (fzn) mozzarella, sauteed fzn squash blend
7-salmon cakes (use canned), oven fries, steamed carrots
8-tuna salad sandwiches
9-CP pot roast with golden mushroom soup, mashed potatoes, pan gravy, canned beets
10-baked Salmon fillets, sauteed fzn spinach, buttered noodles
11-beef stroganoff, canned beets
12-pasta with fzn meatballs in homemade marinara, salad, canned green beans
14-cheese pizza, salad
15-fzn soup
16-EASTER: baked fzn ham with pineapple, mashed potatoe, green bean casserole with canned beans and cr mush soup; canned corn. Bake (mix) angel food cake. BUY: cream, berries
17-ham and fzn Swiss quiche, salad, canned green beans BUY: pie crust
18-fzn beef stew
19-baked fan chicken leg 1/4s, buttered noodles w/ pesto, canned beets, fzn spinach
21-homemade mac n cheese with ham cubes, fzn mixed veg
22-homemade lentil soup
23-CP meatloaf, boiled potatoes, canned corn
24-canned crab-Swiss quiche, canned green/waxed beans, salad
25-hamburgers (make buns), canned pork beans
26-creamed tuna over rice, carrots
28-sausage pizza, salad
29-homemade chicken-rice soup
30-hotel turkey breast (fzn), mashed potatoes, gravy, canned corn, canned Fr green beans


Meg B. said...

Our Easter meals are almost identical. I serve mine with mashed sweet potato, though.
Best of luck with your move! I am so looking forward to hearing about it.

Lee Ann said...

What's the recipe for that gravy with Salisbury steak? Sounds good

Linda said...

plans this far ahead just boggles my mind.

CTMOM said...

LeeAnn-here's a link:

meme said...

When we bought this house and were in the painting/repairing process - I can NOT even begin to tell you how many - sandwiches - we ate! Your menu looks great (as usual!)