Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pantry challenge: avoiding food waste

 Daily, I check to see what my menus are as well as check on lurkers that need to be used before they turn. With the pantry/freezer/fridge challenge in full force, I grabbed the above:  leftover taco filling (beef-pintos with no salt, homemade taco seasoning), a bag of not too fresh tortilla chips that had been saved just for this dish, a block of open Monteray Jack cheese and a fresh block of NY sharp Cheddar (only need 1/2 a bar) to home shred, a almost full measuring cup of home made chicken stock. Not pictured: additional taco seasoning, black olives, a can of Aldi's "Rotel" tomatoes. I used this taco bake recipe, as we coined it, but mixed it up by using precooked meat and beans and using whatever was left over-it may not equal the amounts called for. I also added the Rotel tomatoes as I was concerned that this could get dry. At the end, I added some black olives, that I sliced. With the addition of tomatoes and black olives,
my taco bake has an appealing color combination. It's all set to bake off for lunch today for DS #2 and myself (DD can't eat beans or spicey peppers with a lot of tomatoes)  I am anticipating some leftovers, for tomorrow as well as Mon.


Meg B. said...

Funny. I am planning my own version of this tonight, minus the olives, as I don't care for them. No spicy peppers here either, as we have none on hand.

Busy Bee said...

That looks good! I make something similar.