Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Necessity is the mother of all creativity

 I moved the menus around yesterday, as DS #1 had a surgical procedure on his eye, which meant that I went with him, he recovered here last evening, having supper with us, and driving carefully back to his place before it grew dark. He is doing well, the patch comes off tonight. Hoping that this will help him with a chronic issue he has had. I switched the originally planned turkey tacos for beef yesterday, as that would have been his preference. I still used all of the other ingredients, as planned, including the rest of a bag of fzn corn. Today was supposed to be turkey chilli, but I had leftover beef/black bean in the green oval Tupperware tub (freebie can of Bush's organic, recently acquired)taco filling that I need to use, as well as the ingredients above: baggie of fzn white rice, 2 open blocks of cheese (NY sharp Cheddar and Monteray Jack), some l/o grated Monteray Jack, an almost full jar of salsa from my former CSA (seems a bit sweet, and does contain Cilantro, which we feel is soap like), an open 1/2 of a tomato, l/o black olives,  l/o chopped tomato, l/o corn. I also grabbed an Aldi's can or "rotel style" tomatoes.
 I grabbed this reused, heavy duty foil pan (DD's BF bought some empanadas in this, and I've reused this pan several times), and using a pastry brush, I brushed some vegetable oil over the bottom and sides of the pan. I combined the rice, Rotel tomato, corn and placed it into the awaiting pan.
 I added a layer of beef-bean taco filling
 Next layer: the jarred salsa
 Diced up the open tomato, which joined the chopped tomato on top.
The l/o Monteray Jack cheese dressed the top before I grated a generous amount of both cheeses and topped up the pan with even more cheese. Finally, I sliced the l/o black olives and sprinkled those on top.

The pan is now covered with foil from hot grinders bought this Sat (cleaned first)and will be baked off later in the mini convection oven. A plain green salad with choice of dressing will accompany.

DD can't eat this, due to ingredients but will have some soup that I made especially for her.

RECIPE REVIEW: awesome! I will definitely make this (or something like it) again! YUMMY!


Linda said...

Remember, if anyone drives without doctor permission after anesthesia and a drunk or anyone hits him while behind the wheel of the car and it's not his fault, his insurance will not cover damages. I have friends who say they only live ten miles and can drive. Even 10 blocks is too far.

That meal looks like a taco casserole I made from Mavis' recipe. Yum.

CTMOM said...

Linda, to be clear, my DS was legally allowed to drive immediately after his procedure, by the doctor. Due to nerves, we agreed it was best for me to accompany him, as well as for him to remain here a huge it afterwards, until he was himself.

Belinda said...

Your taco casserole looks so good!!!

Meg B. said...

Monterey Jack cheese is a staple in our household.

Ms. Sandie said...

I am going to try this. Glad son is now on the mend and hope the procedure helps