Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Modifying my cooking

Recently, I made beef-black bean tacos in flour tortillas-including ingredients that DD can't have. As I cook, I pull aside the menu items that she can have and prepare a separate dish for her. I've never believed in cooking 2 meals, unless someone was ill, or in this case, has restrictions.

After browning off the beef with some homemade taco seasoning, I prepared a bowl with organic baby salad greens, added chopped tomato, some shredded cheese, some set aside beef, adding some rice tortilla chips for crunch. She added some special taco sauce that doesn't contain  HFCS-she can't have that either. She enjoyed the salad, really liked the chips on the side, too. (I was just trying to get them out of the pantry, it's a snack item that she bought herself).

My point is, I aim to keep it simple as I modify my cooking to adapt to her dietary needs.


Linda said...

It makes me sad to have to cook with my very new dietary restrictions. 'since there is just me here and once a week exbf, I give him things I can no longer eat, either to take home or eat here.

Toni in TN said...

How is DD doing with the dietary restrictions? I hope it has been worth the effort.

CTMOM said...

Toni-her symptoms are much improved.

Belinda said...

Glad to hear she is doing better.